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There's no too short, too long or too tiny with BUMAS - the perfect fitting muzzle styled to your personal preferences and your dog's needs!
An original BUMAS - the only muzzle with an animal welfare seal.


Create Your Own

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Excellent Quality

There are no sharp edges to hurt your dog's skin or fur with an easy grip material for you, making every walk with your dog a pleasure. Biothane® remains flexible even in freezing temperatures, it feels comfortable to handle, is waterproof and stronger than leather.


The simple click-clasp makes attaching the muzzle easy and reliable. When not in use, you can stow it away in your bag, click it onto your belt or onto your dog's harness. The material is soft and easy to clean.


Choose from 21 colors to design your favorite look and create a unique BUMAS, as original as your dog. BUMAS – colorful custom-made muzzles.


A BUMAS not only fits your dog´s snout but also suits your style from subtle and sophisticated to fun and playful. There are various options, such as: the forehead strap, for more stability; the anti-poison strap to prevent your dog from eating things he shouldn't; the nose-free version for dogs whose snouts are tilted-up.

Custom-Tailored by Hand

A BUMAS provides enough space for easy panting and drinking. Due to the lightness of the material and the ergonomic fit, with a little training, soon your dog will be as eager to wear his muzzle as he is to wear his leash.

Animal Welfare Certified

BUMAS – das Original. The first animal welfare certified dog muzzle. Awarded with the animal welfare seal by the Independent Department for Humane Treatment of Animals and Animal Welfare, at the highly esteemed Veterinary University of Vienna.

Our good-natured Labrador really does not need a muzzle, but with his BUMAS we can let him run off-leash without being worried that he will eat rotton or poisoned food. For us a BUMAS is "peace-of-mind" - for our dog it is "safety".
Georg Reichlin-Meldegg